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  • Do you have an emergency fund to avoid going into debt? - Part of good financial planning is to have a good emergency fund in place to cover unexpected financial events. Typically, it's recommended to have a stash equivalent to 3 to 6 months of salary. The most obvious benefit is of course to prevent you going into debt and thereby debt ... more >
  • How to Resolve Conflict with your Debtors - As any debt collector knows, being owed funds is a tricky situation to be in. Your priority is getting the money owed to you into your account, but customers are hard earned, and the last thing you want to do is lose a client to a competitor. Made even more ... more >
  • 5 Common Reasons Debtors Don’t Pay on Time - As a small business, non-paying customers can be disappointing, frustrating, even infuriating. You’re thinking: I provided a good or service, I deserve to get paid! Why aren’t they paying?! Asking for money is an awkward enough part of the job before payments start going to arrears. In order to get ... more >
  • How to Maximise Debt Recovery this Tax Season - With the end of the NZ tax year just behind us, it’s timely to consider the relationship between taxes and debt collection. Around half of everyone expecting to get a tax refund will use the money to pay off debt, making tax season the most productive time of year for ... more >
  • New Zealand has High Household Debt Levels – But Does It Matter? - When compared to the size of our economy, New Zealand's household debt level is one of the highest in the developed world. But one economist argues that how much debt we have is not as important as whether we will be able to pay for it in the future. In ... more >
  • What Are the Different Types of Good and Bad Debt? - Not all debt is equal; there is good debt and bad debt. If you are a debtor, debt is good if it will help you accumulate wealth in the future. Good debt is something that you will make money from over time such as home loans, student debt, or borrowing ... more >
  • The Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation - It's easy to collect credit cards and buy on hire purchase. But along the way, you could find you have collected a whole mountain of debt. If you are also struggling to make the minimum repayments on time, the additional fees can mean your level of borrowing quickly escalates. A ... more >
  • Credit Records – The Good and the Bad - Your credit record may be more important than you think. Information about your history regarding credit, debt, and repayment is being updated all the time and could have a big impact on you. Bad credit ratings happen to people in all walks of life. Missing a few payments on the ... more >
  • Debtors – What Are Your Rights? - The highest percentage of credit card accounts that come past due occurs in the months after Christmas - 7.6 per cent of Kiwis pay their credit card bills late. By April, these debts could start being referred to debt collectors. If you owe money to a creditor and stop making ... more >
  • Student Loan Debt Being Written Off - The average student loan balance is close to $21,000. Almost 731,800 people have a student loan. In the year to June 2016 40,695 borrowers repaid their loans in full. Course fees are the main cost - more than 90 per cent of students borrow in order to pay their fees. ... more >
  • Government Counting Costs for Legal Aid Debt Recovery - Outsourcing the costs of recovering legal aid debt has left the Ministry of Justice nearly $175,000 out of pocket. Associate Justice Minister Simon Bridges said debt collection was outsourced in cases "where the Ministry has exhausted its own debt-recovery mechanisms". The Ministry began using debt collection agencies to recover legal ... more >
  • Debt Collectors Visit 350 People for Library Fines - You might think it's just a forgotten library book, but with debt collectors visiting more than 300 Wellingtonians last year for outstanding library fines, that overdue book could put a mark on your credit history. Library and community spaces manager John Stears said the debt collectors were effective in making sure ... more >
  • Things a Debt Collection Agency Must Tell You - When you're deep in debt, it's not easy to climb your way out. It's a challenging situation that gets even more stressful when the creditors want their money back and debt collectors get involved. Just the thought of having to open the mailbox or the sound of the phone ringing ... more >
  • How to Deal with Fake Debt Collectors - Warnings are being issued to consumers to watch for persistent scammers who attempt to collect debts that don’t even exist. When an unfamiliar voice on the phone informs you that you owe hundreds of dollars on an unpaid debt, a debt you don’t even recall having, what do you do? How ... more >
  • Debt Recovery an Increasing Problem for Businesses - Times are tough for many and there's little evidence that anything will change soon. As international milk prices continue to fall and the New Zealand economy muddles along the bottom, so everybody's debt levels are rising. Invoices are going unpaid for up to 120 days at a time, according to ... more >
  • Benefits of Debt Collection Software - Debt collection software is a powerful tool that can make life easier for businesses of all sizes and at an affordable price. Cash is the lifeblood of any business. With cash, firms are not only able to meet their obligations to staff and suppliers but it provides the ability to ... more >
  • Understanding Debt Recovery and Enforcement - If you don't pay a debt, the person you owe money to (the creditor) may negotiate with you about the debt or they can take you to court. It's also possible that the creditor might get a debt collection agency involved - either just to help them recover the debt ... more >

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The subject of Pink Viagra comes up in the media on a regular basis and the conversation follows about the same pattern. In one corner, cheerful insistence that science can finally be close to finding the key to women's sex drive. In others, one and another feminist chronicle concludes that women may not want to lie because they take the main responsibility for the home and the children. The fascinating thing is that in the middle of the conversation about sex and science is the obvious few who actually talk about science.

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