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One Off
$14.95 +gst

Perfect for a one time solution for just one debt.

$49 +gst

Up to 10 debts loaded per month. Pause at any time.

$539 +gst

1 month free

Up to 10 debts loaded per month, per year.

If one of our packages does not suit your company needs, please get in touch with the team at to see how we can help you find a debt recovery solution to suit you.

What you get with iCollect

Letters leveraging the power of a debt collection agency

Three consecutive letters are sent seven days’ apart. Sent on debt collection agency letterhead, you get a do it yourself solution with the weight of a third party debt collection agency.

A plan controlled by you

The 21 day debt collection plan is controlled by you, with all the resources you need available online, based on an effective plan created by debt collection experts, with proven results.

Software access with automated scheduling

Your online debt collection portal is simple to use, giving you one place to load debtor invoices, communication and payments received, with the ability to pause and restart at any stage.

Letter content is fully automated

You don’t need to edit the letters at all, as your debtor and debt details are automatically populated into the letters. These are also updated once part payments are made.

Email letters are automatically scheduled and sent

With automatic scheduling and email distribution, you don’t need to write another email to chase outstanding debt with unpaid debtors.

Notification when it’s time to post the letters

iCollect will send you a reminder for the option to download, print and post each letter when scheduled.

You’re fully in control

Stop and start your subscription to suit your debt collection needs. If you don’t need it one month, turn it off, and it’s easy to turn it back on when you do need us.

We’re here to help

Our online support team is here when you need us to help with any questions or concerns about the process or your account.

All this for less than $5 per debt, per month on our monthly and annual plans only.

I am already sending letters to my debtors and I don’t believe iCollect will make a difference to my outstanding debt.

Your debtor letters are probably very similar to the iCollect letters. With iCollect it’s the fact the debtor letter templates are branded with a third party debt collection letterhead that offers the powerful weight that can’t be achieved by sending a debt letter from your own company letterhead.

What if there is more than one outstanding invoice and debt that my client owes me, can I combine them into one debt collection?

You are able to combine more than one invoice to the same debtor. We suggest you load all the invoices outstanding in the system to confirm this. When loading the debt you will need to combine the amount and then load up each of the invoices to the documents tab.

What happens if someone part pays their debt?

We encourage you to work with your debtor to arrange a payment plan. On the occasion that a part payment is received then you enter the amount paid into the software and any remaining letters will adjust automatically to reflect the remaining amount due.

Will I ever get charged a commission to chase debt?

No, with iCollect there is no commission.

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