Your debt collection queries answered

Will I ever get charged a commission to chase debt?

No, with iCollect there is no commission.

What is the difference between the user levels?

We have three user levels for iCollect: Owner - has full access to all features. Admin - may view a file, load debts, update debtor details, make comments about the debtor and debt and has authority to change debt values against a debtor. Basic - may view a file, load debts, update debtor details, and make comments about the debtor and debt.

How do I know when to print the letters?

The iCollect program will automatically remind you by sending you an email to print the debt collection letter for posting.

When are the text messages sent?

Text messages are sent to the debtor between the hours of 9am-6pm. If for some reason the texts are sent outside of these hours it is due to network issues outside of our control.

Can I pause the letter automation process?

Yes, you can do this at any time. If you receive a payment before the second or third letter is sent and you load this into the system, the letters will automatically pause for seven days from the payment being entered.

Can't find the 'pause' button to pause the letters?

The 'pause' button is located under the 'debtor letters' tab. If all three letters have been sent there will be no 'pause' button as all letters have gone.

How are debt collection letters sent to the debtor?

The letters are sent via email and post. The software only emails the letters to the email address loaded against the debtor, if there is no email address loaded then no emails will be sent. You are responsible for the postage of the letters in which you receive a notification to download, print and post when required. A text notification about the debt owed is sent to the debtor at the same time each email is sent, provided a valid NZ mobile number is supplied.

What if I only have an address or email only, not both?

Not to worry, if you only have an email, the letter will only be emailed to the client. If you only have an address, the letter will be available to download, print and post, no email will be sent. If you have a valid NZ mobile number the text reminders will be sent with either email and/or postal address.

What if there is more than one outstanding invoice and debt that my client owes me, can I combine them into one debt collection?

You are able to combine more than one invoice to the same debtor. We suggest you load all the invoices outstanding in the system to confirm this. When loading the debt you will need to combine the amount and then load up each of the invoices to the documents tab.

What debt amount do I enter?

Only enter the amount owed. If the debtor has paid some of the original amount owed, only enter the amount outstanding.

How can I change an incorrect debt amount?

Once you save the debt amount in the system it cannot be changed by you. Please contact the team who will change the amount for you.

I am already sending letters to my debtors and I don’t believe iCollect will make a difference to my outstanding debt.

Your debtor letters are probably very similar to the iCollect letters. With iCollect it’s the fact the debtor letter templates are branded with a third party debt collection letterhead that offers the powerful weight that can’t be achieved by sending a debt letter from your own company letterhead.

What happens if someone part pays their debt?

We encourage you to work with your debtor to arrange a payment plan. On the occasion that a part payment is received then you enter the amount paid into the software and any remaining letters will adjust automatically to reflect the remaining amount due. If a regular part payment is agreed, please 'pause' the letters under the 'debtor letters' tab to stop the letters from sending. You can select 'unpause' to re activate the remaining letters if they miss the regular payment plan.

What if my debtor pays after letter one/two is sent?

That is great news they have paid. Please go to the 'financial' tab under your debtor's name and enter the payment date and amount. When full payment has been received the letters will stop sending. If the debtor has not paid the full amount, but paid an amount you have agreed to that is less than what is owing, please enter the total amount you have received and then select 'write off debt' afterwards to close off the debt.

What if a client who hasn’t paid has asked for a payment plan?

If a debtor with an outstanding invoice has asked for a payment plan, we encourage you to accept this. Due to circumstances, we encourage regular payments for paying off debts. On the occasion that a part payment is received then you enter the amount paid into the software and any remaining letters will adjust automatically to reflect the remaining amount due. If a regular part payment is agreed, please 'pause' the letters under the 'debtor letters' tab to stop the letters from sending. You can select 'unpause' to re activate the remaining letters if they miss the regular payment plan.

What happens if a debtor disputes the debt while using iCollect?

You must stop the letters being sent immediately. Please open up the debtor under you account page and select 'pause' or the 'dispute' button under the 'debtor letters' tab. The letters will no longer send. If we are notified of the debt being in dispute directly, we will select 'dispute' and notify you on email. We will also leave a note under the 'notes' tab against the debtor.

How can I load multiple invoices for one debtor?

All you need to do is select all the documents you would like to load in one go when setting up a debtor. Otherwise, you can load one document when you set up the debt and load the rest when you have opened the debtor up in the account portal after paying. This service is not available for Xero integration, multiple invoices for one client at this stage need to be entered manually.

Does a copy of my original invoice get sent to the debtor as a reference?

No this does not get sent with the email letters. However you can attach the invoice with the letter when you print it for posting.

Does it matter what my payment terms already say?

If you have agreed terms of trade with your debtors, please make sure you understand your obligations prior to starting this debt recovery process.

If I pause the debt collection letters and have only paid for 1 month, can I unpause after the month is up?

Yes, you are able to unpause the letters and the remaining letters will be sent to the debtor.

Are any additional costs incurred?

If the debt is not paid within 21 days, and you choose to refer the debt onto Guardian Credit Services or you wish to register the debt as a default, then additional costs will incur.

What if my debtor has said they will pay me after the 21 days, and I have only paid for a one month subscription with iCollect?

You will still be able to access debts that were loaded in the month timeframe, however, you will not be able to send more letters once all three letters have been sent. You will still be able to close the debt, refer it to Guardian Credit Services for collection or register a default even if the monthly subscription has finished.

If the debtor does not pay, how can I get them to pay my unpaid invoices?

You have the option to let Guardian Credit Services collect the debt on your behalf. Sending the debt to them costs $39 plus GST per debt, however, Guardian will add this cost to the collection amount for the debtor to pay. This means that for you the collection is free if the full debt and fee is collected from the debtor. Alternatively you can register a default which lasts up to five years against the debtor. The cost to register a default is $30 plus GST.

What does debtor mean?

A debtor is the person/company that has not paid an invoice on time and the invoice is now outstanding.

What does registering a default mean?

Registering a default means that the personal details for the debtor and the value of the debt owing will be registered with Equifax, which is a national database of debtors with outstanding debts against their names. The default will last against their name for up to five years. During that time if the debtor wishes to get credit approved, they will not be able to until the debt is paid, effectively giving them a bad credit rating.

How do I register a Default to damage my debtor’s credit rating?

Just follow the steps in the iCollect program. You will be charged $30 + GST to register a default. The default stays in place for up to five years.

What is the minimum debt value to register a default?

A debt value must be over $125 to register a default.

Who is Guardian Credit Services?

Guardian Credit Services is a third party debt collection agency that iCollect is aligned with in order to produce the recovery letters and have their leverage power. Guardian Credit Services was established in 1995 and has been collecting debt for New Zealanders for the past 25 years.

Don't have your bank card ready for payment when sending your debt through to Guardian Credit Services?

Not to worry, when you have agreed to send through the debt to Guardian Credit Services, the debt is transferred online. To make payment at a later time, go to, select 'login' use the same login details you have for iCollect. Your debt will have been transferred through. Select the 'Pay' button alongside the debtor details and make payment for collection to begin or your default to be loaded.

When should I write off the debt?

Writing off debt is an individual choice. We encourage people to chase the debt and give it a good go first. If iCollect debt collection doesn't recover your debt, we recommend Guardian Credit Services or registering the debt as a default, which gives a bad credit rating to the debtor. Speaking with your accountant regarding the impacts of writing the debt off is always advised.

What happens when I select 'Write off debt'?

If you chose to write off the debt in iCollect this will close off the debt within your account page. Nothing will be sent to the debtor, it is only for your/our records.

What is an API?

An API is Application Programming Interface. This allows our software to be integrated within your company business software programmes to suit your needs. Get in touch with the team to learn more about how API can help you.

Having problems with adding a payment date or technical issues?

iCollect to be used effectively needs to be accessed from an up to date search engine. Eg. Chrome, Internet Explorer Edge. If you are using an outdated search engine this may be why you are facing some technical issues.

What if I’m not satisfied with iCollect?

Simply let us know

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