How to collect your overdue accounts

It’s simple to set up and start collecting your debts.

Day 1

Sign up with iCollect and load the debt in the system (it only takes 5 minutes).

Debt collection process then begins with a Letter of Demand.
You can monitor responses in your account area.

Day 7

If they haven’t already paid, the Default Letter is sent out to them.

Day 14

If they haven’t already paid, the Final Notice Letter is sent out to them.

Day 21

If payment still has not been received, you have further options, which we will be happy to assist you with.

If a debt is paid or there is correspondence – the process can
be paused or completed at any point by you.

How iCollect
communicates with debtors

@ Email Text Message Mail Letter

Any communication comes from a third-party debt collection agency which adds to your leverage power.

iCollect is simple and easy to use

Why iCollect

Pricing packages to suit your needs

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I have tried the iCollect system for three months and am pleased with the results.

- Mahon Roofing

Just a thank you note from a very satisfied customer, Programme is very user friendly and what’s more it works!!!!! 4 instant payments out of first 5 debtors loaded. We just have to remember not to post out letters in our own pre printed envelopes!!!!!! Should have checked out iCollect ages ago.

- Colvins

Get started with iCollect now and take control of your debt