• New Zealand's Leading Debt Collection Software

What is iCollect?

A cloud based debt collection application making it easy for small NZ businesses to recover debts and improve cash flow.

Designed and supported by a leading debt collection agency in Auckland, iCollect provides small businesses in NZ with a better way to collect debts and manage slow paying customers

Get paid quickly - Over 90% success rate
Guaranteed results - 30 day money back guarantee
From $39 + gst monthly subscription, – No fixed term contracts
No debt collection fees or commissions
Money is paid direct to you, not to a debt collection agency
Ideal for both B2C & B2B businesses
Register defaults against your debtors credit history for 5 years
On-request support from Auckland debt collection agency

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Why iCollect Debt Collection Software is the Best

There is absolutely no commission, unlike those debt collection agencies in Auckland and Chistchurch and throughout NZ.
Extremely high success rate, even the most harden debtors will pay.
Extremely high success rate, even the most harden debtors will pay.
You have full control.
Because there are no costly commissions to pay, you can load the debtor into iCollect whilst they are still slow payers. Remember slow payers usually turn into bad debts
Your money is PAID directly to you. Unlike debt collection agencies in Auckland and Christchurch and throughout NZ, where they keep your monies in a client account for weeks.
iCollect does not damage your goodwill and you still can maintain good customer relations.
Saves you time and hassles.
You do not have to phone your slow payers and put up with all the negativity that goes with it.
iCollect Debt Collection Program is easy to use.
iCollect is on cloud and can be used anywhere on any computer.
All you have to do is enter the debtors name, address and the amount owing into the program and iCollect takes over.
You get the power of the “Third Party” impact.
Your debtor gets hit with the full power of a Debt Collection Agency which makes them respond, even when they have stopped listening to you.
You can register defaults against your debtor’s credit history for five years.
You can purchase the iCollect Debt Collection Programme outright or you can rent it with the option to cancel anytime.
You have full technical support, free advice on debt collection, the court system regarding debt collection and credit control management

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