Changing the world of debt collection


iCollect specialises in online debt recovery using Cloud based software. Started in 2001, it fulfilled a gap in the market for a cost-effective debt recovery system for small businesses. The Kiwi DIY mentality meant that businesses wanted to collect debts quickly, while maintaining control throughout the process. Clients also wanted direct payment without waiting for the money to be paid into a debt agency’s account, processed and finally paid out to them. Our in demand debt recovery software fulfilled all these requirements, and more.


The iCollect cloud based software and its automated communications quickly began to achieve results and businesses gained another avenue to collect debt. iCollect’s debt recovery software is popular as there is no commission to pay which you would typically face when dealing with a debt collection agency. 

iCollect is aligned with a third party debt collection agency, Guardian Credit Services, to offer you their professionally crafted, pre-prepared debt collection letters. Their letterhead branding gives you the leverage and weight of a debt collector at your fingertips. Guardian Credit Services is another New Zealand owned and operated company which has over 25 years of results and reputation in debt collection, and a substantial client base of over 9,000 plus businesses and individuals.

We have received many testimonials from happy customers throughout New Zealand who have collected outstanding debts within days of purchasing the programme. In many cases the first debt collected has more than paid for the purchase of the iCollect debt collection software.

We would like to also thank you for all your help with our overdue accounts in the last 2 years. The software has helped us recuperate nearly 250K in outstanding debt over the last 18 months. The best money we have spent.

- Tracey Ringrose - Taege

Just a thank you note from a very satisfied customer, Programme is very user friendly and what’s more it works!!!!! 4 instant payments out of first 5 debtors loaded. We just have to remember not to post out letters in our own pre printed envelopes!!!!!! Should have checked out iCollect ages ago.

- Colvins

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