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iCollect is used by many well known New Zealand businesses, both large and small, to help eradicate their bad debt problem. Of course, confidentiality and discretion prevent us from listing our clients but below you can see extracts from letters sent to us from just a few of our delighted clients.

Early days yet but jingo, the SECOND letter triggered a flood of money, not quite all but progress is progress!


Your software has worked well for us. It paid for itself on the first mail out with some debts we thought written off, recovered within the week.

Orchestra Foods

I love this package it is the easiest one I have ever used. Good work.

Loe's Hardware & Hire

I have tried the iCollect system for three months and am pleased with the results. I would like to purchase it outright now.

Mahon Roofing

We have been so impressed with iCollect that we have recommended the system to others. The system is easy to use and is just part of our monthly routine” … AUTOLAB
“Your program has got us so much more results than Prushka that we have been using for the last 5 years! Please feel free to use this as a testimonial

Glitz Gymnastics Academy

Icollect works well for us, it saves us time and money with no debt collection fees to pay. It takes the hassle out of dealing with our overdue accounts and debt

Auckland College of Education

I find the program wonderful, Its saved me the awful job of having to phone all the debtors

Truebridge Calenders

Just a thank you note from a very satisfied customer, Programme is very user friendly and what’s more it works!!!!! 4 instant payments out of first 5 debtors loaded. We just have to remember not to post out letters in our own pre printed envelopes!!!!!! Should have checked out iCollect ages ago.

Colvins Ltd

Hi Luana, I have sold my Business in February this year, and have recovered all moneys owing. So don’t need your services anymore. I was impressed with you services and will recommend them to others.


Hi Launa, When we first subscribed there was an option to pay a one off payment or monthly, we choose monthly as was only going to be a short term thing to chase a few bad debtors. We are now using this as part of our debt control. Is there an option to pay a one off payment instead of the monthly subscription? Regards,

Jason Tudor, Orewa Taxation Service Ltd

A big thank you to I-Collect, just received payment for a job we did in November, after sending out your first letter! Very impressed.

J Rooke, Logan Signs

Hi Graeme, Our customer has paid in full, your initial letter did the trick perfectly, thank you. Can you please cancel this subscription and confirm that you have done so via email. Thanks again, we will not hesitate to use your services again in the future if we need assistance to recover debts. Enjoy your weekend,

Rachel Taylor, Jan Lambert Design Ltd

Hi Graeme,I wish to cancel our subscription (as below) to icollect. Thanks to your programme, our one reluctant payer has settled his account without need for further action. I am very impressed with the service and would not hesitate to use it again or recommend it to others. Please let me know if there are any problems.
All the best

Blue Forsyth

I have been using the icollect program for 2 months now under the monthly rental system. It is working for me so I was wondering how I can now buy the program outright? Many thanks

Wilson Lo

Thanks Graeme, One of the girls in the office called and we’ve sorted everything out – you guys are awesome and I LOVE iCollect! Its paid for itself over and over again in the last 12 months! Cheers

Claire, Great Southern Waste

We have been using the i collect system for approximately 5 years, During this time we have found it a very effective business tool in the collection of our overdue accounts. It certainly gets a response and the letters are very well worded so as not to offend our customers. From our point of view it is a very simple system to use. By using i collect letters first we find we have less bad debts occurring. We have no hesitation in recommending this system to improve cash flow.

Laser Plumbing, Napier

Hi Luana, Yes he has paid. Thanks for your follow up on that. Would like to wish you a safe and awesome festive season from all of us here at Taege Engineering Ltd. We would like to also thank you for all your help with our overdue accounts in the last 2 years. The software we have purchased from you has helped us recuperate nearly 250K in outstanding debt over the last 18 months. The best $400 we have spent. Once again merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Tracey Ringrose, Taege

Hello Graeme, Just recommended your system to someone again – done it several times now, and it just occurred to me I’ve never told you how well it’s worked for us. It works a treat! – thank you! J The bank is always amazed how clean our debtors ledger is. This is quite typical:
Current: 86.1% , 1-30: 12.3%, 31-60: 0.8% 60+: 0.8% Thanks again.

Stuart, South City Print

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