Five Common Reasons Debtors Don’t Pay On Time

Five Common Reasons Debtors Don’t Pay On Time

As a small business, non-paying customers can be disappointing, frustrating, even infuriating. You’re thinking: I provided a product or service, I deserve to get paid! Why aren’t they paying?! Asking for money is an awkward enough part of the job before payments start going to arrears.

In order to get your debt recovered, it’s worth understanding the mindset of a debtor. Understanding 5 common debtor personas will help you make the most of your debt collection software.

The Accidental Debtor

The accidental debtor is our favourite type of indebted customer. They accidentally filed the bill away before payment, or the dog slyly ate the bill and they’re still waiting for it to show up in the mail. Whatever the reason, this debtor is not trying to pull the wool over your eyes – they simply forgot to pay. Debt recovery software works swiftly with these guys, as soon as they get that first scheduled reminder, the money will be in your account faster than you can say “show me the money”!

The Procrastinator

Often, the procrastinator simply likes to see money in their own account and has trouble parting with funds, so they put it off. They might be waiting until payday, or may even be waiting on a late payment from one of their own clients. Again, these debtors don’t like being in overdraft and will usually resolve their debt with a single, friendly reminder from your debt collection system.

The Over Spender

These debtors are a little bit more unpredictable. The over-spender usually pays their bills on time, but a holiday season or unexpected circumstance caused them to lack the funds for out-going bills. The over-spender might only need a single prompt by iCollect’s debt collection software, as they didn’t intend to not pay you. On the other hand, if the overspend was serious, it might take some time for them to pay you back in full.

The Opportunist

Unfortunately, some debtors have less innocent motives and the opportunist is one of them. They are the business equivalent of that friend who always seems to forget his wallet. The opportunist might take advantage of a business that invoices customers after the goods or service is delivered. They also might prey on smaller businesses which they deem less likely to have a strong debt collection practice – which is why making use of streamlined and professional debt recovery software system is so beneficial.

The Can’t Pay Debtor

Unfortunately, some people cannot pay their debts. It’s the rarest scenario, but these people are in over their heads, receiving notices left, right and centre. They are in trouble, fighting a mountain of fees. While some people or businesses will have to claim bankruptcy if the debt is bad enough, others need help in the form of payment plans and possibly even tax lawyers to get them back on their feet.

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