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Guardian Credit Services and iCollect

Guardian Credit Services was established in March 1995, by Graeme Byers who has been in the debt collection agency industry since 1977.

We specialise in debt recovery with a higher level of personal service to our valued clients. We offer a No Collection – No Commission fee structure.

In 2005 we developed the iCollect debt collection programme in response to our New Zealand clients’ requests for a debt recovery system that would enable them to action, and collect overdue debts quickly and cheaply without damaging the relationship they had built with their customers. The other requirement they had was for direct payment without having to wait while the collected debt went into the debt collection agency’s account, was processed and finally paid out to them.

iCollect debt recovery software fulfilled all these requirements, and more. We have received many testimonials from happy customers who have collected outstanding debts within days of purchasing the programme. In many cases the first debt collected has more than paid for the purchase of the iCollect programme.