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What is iCollect?

iCollect is New Zealand’s Favourite and Most Trusted Debt Collection Software

If you need to collect or manage a debt portfolio, iCollect is a leader in the New Zealand debt recovery and collection industry. Our unwavering commitment to providing professional, reliable service and innovative business debt recovery system will ensure the best avenues for debt recovery are efficiently explored.

iCollect software is New Zealand’s comprehensive debt recovery system critical for efficient, affordable and hassle free data management. Our sophisticated business debt collection software is commonly used to help secure a quick turnaround on all debtor cases and help provide an unmatched level of service and recovery.

You will get paid quickly and maintain customer relationships
The debt collection programme that gets the most hardened debtors to settle. Over a 90% success rate
Your money is paid directly to you. No more commissions or debt collection fees. You get 100% of your money
You can register defaults against your debtors credit history for five years
You will have full personal back up by our reputable debt collection agency
Guaranteed Results, We are so confident with iCollect debt collection software that we will give you a 30 day money back guarantee
We deliver our iCollect debt recovery software to Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington and throughout New Zealand.

debt collection softwareOne of the most popular features in our debt collection management software is the intelligent debt management platform allowing you to collect overdue debts quickly and cheaply without putting the relationship you’ve built with your customers at risk.

When choosing a debt collection agency in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch or anywhere in New Zealand, performance should be your top concern. You can’t afford to lose time while debts get old. Our advanced iCollect business debt recovery software allows you to generate and track your own payment plans at your own pace, to suit your business processes.

Easy to use with an outstanding success rate, iCollect provides unrivalled, leading edge debt recovery and credit control management systems combined with excellent on-going support.

We are so committed to leveraging leading edge debt collection agency technology in every aspect of the recovery process, use iCollect software for 30 days for your business debt collection and if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we give a full refund.

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